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based in Austin, Texas

My name is Marifer Angulo. I am a Photographer based in Austin, Texas currently. I love capturing the beauty that is often overlooked from different angles through the lens. My passion for photography comes full circle. I am a fashion model and have been modeling for about 3 years now and decided to try going behind the lens 2 years ago, and found a new obsession. I have always loved creating and found it easier to speak through my art. I love photography, modeling, and writing and can’t imagine myself growing tired of these interests.

So, background on myself: I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. I was raised in Southern California, and moved to Austin, Texas almost three years ago. I am 26 years old. I wanted to be an actress since I discovered the art and that grew into many other interests, however, I was always attracted to creating. Anything creative, I explored it all. Whether it be sketching, fashion design (I gave up upon discovering that I hate sewing), writing, acting, and finally, modeling— I was determined to try it all. I am now studying Public Relations at Texas State University with a Minor in Theatre (Acting) and plan to graduate the Fall of 2020.

So, about me; I love learning. I enjoy meaningful conversations over coffee. I love clothes and shopping (shocker). I laugh at my own jokes before I’ve finished telling them. I love animals. I am both very easily amused and easily bored. Writing became my first creative outlet after I fell in love with literature. I treasure those close to me very dearly. I love dancing but only thrive in freestyle. My enneagram is 4w3, and I am a child at heart.

I love people and would love to work with you! Please feel free to fill out the contact card or e-mail me for inquiries. Much Love,

Marifer Angulo

I am currently doing discounted photography and modeling rates. I am open to working with couples, graduating students, families, aspiring models, and boutiques. Be sure to check out my rates to learn more! Feel free to reach out about any questions or concerns you may have!


I understand that before you decide to book, you want to see what you’re working with so here’s some of the work that I’ve done


Thank you for checking out my work. Here I have sectioned off modeling work that I’ve done along with photography. Feel free to check it out.



For questions/inquiries:

CONTACT: info@mariferangulo.com