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You go Glen [plaid] Coco

As I’ve been more bold with the choices I make, it’s transported into my style. I’ve been trying to incorporate patterns into my style and found myself pleasantly surprised as I’m obsessed with Glen Plaid. I love the subtle detail in the pattern and the class that the light grey gives it. Keep reading to see how I style it!

I love this thin strapped dress glen plaid dress. I like to steer off colors for this pattern in order to keep a variation in the grey hue. When working with a grey and pattern, I want it to be the main focus and adding color will make the look too busy.

I went for a long grey cardigan to match the dress which made it come together nicely.

I went with floral sheer tights which heightened the boldness of the look. I added black booties to finish off the look and let the patterns make the statement.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the look! Feel free to comment any comments/questions/concerns in the comment box below!

Much love,

Marifer Angulo

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