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So I really like gold and I’m also pretty bold-or at least I’m teaching myself to be brave enough to be blunt with my style and wear what I want to wear. I was really inspired by Blogger Lizbeth V. Hernandez , who is so bold when it comes to fashion and life in general. I’ve always loved drawing inspiration from people in my style but I want to have pride in having my own look. I’ve realized that for that I just need to be me and I’ve found that ME is beyond unique (and kinda weird). As long as I embrace my own person, I’ll always be original. Now I’m not a fan of glitter. With that said I completely agree with that cliche quote: “not all that glitters is gold.” I love gold but I’ve always been a little shy to wear it. Today, I said what the hay and decided to go golden. Watched how I got the look.

If I go with something flashy like gold, I always try to give it a blazer and earthy tones to keep that classy look. I try to go with a lighter shirt under (preferably an earthy color) so that they can complement the gold. I went with black leather pants because if I was going for the gold, I was going all in.

I love the gold bag, and the boots matched perfectly with them and helped amp up the look.

I love this look for a weeknight out which is still casual but slightly elegant.

I went with these emerald green earrings which were such a cute accent to the look which correlated with the earthy tones in the outfit.

I’m a huge plant fan (though I can hardly keep them alive). As such, I’m very much into earthy colors and tones, so…going for a bold gold was a little out of my comfort zone. However, I have to admit, it totally made me feel like a boss since I pushed myself beyond my typical wear.

For styling blazers, always make sure to contrast with the shirt and ideally the outfit as a whole. If you’re going for a dark textured blazer, go for a soft lighter color under so that there’s a smooth contrast.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope I was able to provide some inspiration! Let me know what you think in the comment section below! Love you all!

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