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Identity struggles are not something we outgrow, they aren’t issues that disappear the moment we become adults. As children, we find ourselves, that’s the way it goes. We discover our gifts, we learn to understand our strengths and weaknesses and we work around it. Later, people and circumstances threaten to dissolve that. Walls of insecurity begin to build up brick by brick, and as years progress, we begin to question ourselves. The beliefs we once so strongly defended, we begin to second guess. We bend in order to blend with those around us. It isn’t until we break or bend so far, that we come to find that inner child once again. We are reminded of why we believed so strongly, our talents are able to shine through as an escape from society’s pressure. This, however, does not occur when we reach the age of eighteen. It all depends on how long it takes to tire of the norms humanity sets down. Science has tried to define each and every one of us through personality tests, refusing to believe we are all different. People seek acceptance, and tweak parts of themselves in order to fulfill the expectancies of those around them. But really, there’s no need for trying so hard. Regardless of acceptance or not, no one is able to truly be content if they feel the need to change so as to appeal to others. Society’s acceptance is not worth losing one’s self over. I, for one, really appreciate the special qualities each person holds, especially when they finally embrace them all. People who lose care for faulty opinions become genuine and true. That’s probably why they often get beaten down. Secretly, they admire, and desire the freedom those individuals possess, to fully express themselves.

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